Put Our 25+ Year Expertise at Designing, Installing,
and Maintaning Digital Networks to Work for You

Being able to rely upon your data and voice networks is crucial in today’s digital marketplace. Able Cable has built a reputation for adhering to the most rigorous industry standards for commercial and residential communications applications, offering our customers a fully integrated, cutting edge system that meets or exceeds your needs. Our commitment to customer service and designing systems that align you with the best data and voice networking options to fit within your budget has made Able Cable & Communications an industry leader for over 25 years.

Advanced Digital Design

  • We design complete networks from the floor up
  • We can design any size data and voice network installation
  • We’re experts at finding the right options to give you maximum efficiency that works within your budget
  • We currently help clients in over 31 states 

Industry-Leading Standards

  • Certified in all product lines
  • Insured to 1 million dollars
  • Lifetime warranty on all our installations
  • Work adheres to BICSI standards and all codes 
  • Current up to Cat 6 performance data ratings and we own the most current technology for testing from 100Mhz to giga speed for data as well as the most current equipment for testing fiber optics 

World Class Customer Service

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complete factory network

2 Million in Increased Production read more

We helped` Samson Auto Parts digitize their entire 10,000 square foot facility with data and voice. We brought hand held computiing to 663 workers and helpe them increase their productivity to 2 million in increased production in just 6 months time

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